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Stone by stone we build a castle, the castle of their self-esteem!

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November 25, 2015

It was 7am, and I've been inspired by an action done in Halifax yesterday. I had an idea to hang up coats with mittens and a tuque tucked into the coat's pocket on these cylinders downtown. We're allowed to post anything on these cylinders, so I decided it was a good idea to hang up a coat for a person who needed warmth. 



After seeing many on streets without warm clothing, I felt obliged to do something. Castlestone recently received 7 boxes of donated clothing, and there was no way we could hand them all out at once. We had promised a the donor that we wouldn't give it off to some thrift shop, and that we would hand these clothing hand-in-hand with the homeless. It wasn't long until we saw a post from Halifax with coats being tied to street lamps. So we in Castl…

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My Story

November 3, 2015

I was born and raised here in Gatineau. Lived most of my life in this city, and it’s only recent that I’ve traveled to multiple countries. Now some of you may ask, how did Castlestone start? 


Now, let me ask you one simple question. What is the rarest thing in the universe? Is it money? Nawh… Is it power? Nawhh. Is it love? That’s close to it. It’s you and I, it’s life. Now life is too short for negativity am I right? So here’s the thing, when I was young, I never knew what poverty was until my mother told me defined it to me. I was born into a low-income family, and my parents pushed with blood and sweat to give my brother and I a better life. I never understood anything, and I was pretty dang ignorant. I remember once, when I saw a homeless on the streets, I would ask this …

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We Are All Humans

June 28, 2015

WAAH’s mission is to show the world that everyone is human, and being different is simply a trait of it. This is achieved through posts on social media that opens a window into the lives of the people we feature, and provide followers a new perspective towards the less fortunate. Stories for these posts are obtained during outings called patrols. All stories that are posted share the same purpose, to bring new perspectives towards other people that one might simply dismiss.


April 12, 2015

Integritas is a latin word that means sound, whole, solid, honest and non-corrupt. In ancient times, Roman soldiers would strike their body armour upon inspection and say “Integritas”. Seeing that the lack of integrity in some organizations today, is an important factor that leads to many social ills such as poverty, ill-health and homelessness. A group of daring teenagers from six high schools in the national capital region of Canada, have decided to unite to and create a public forum which promotes greater integrity in organizations, both public and private. Their pilot event tonight, at the University of Ottawa, will promote individuals and organizations worthy to wound their chest and say “Integritas”. They also invite students everywhere to join the fun and do the same.


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April 12, 2015

CastleStone is a student-run non-for-profit organization that works to eliminate poverty and homelessness in the national capital region of Canada, by creating a “vision shelter”. One that rebuilds the self-esteem of homeless youth “day-by-day and stone-by-stone”, until their self-esteem “stones” combine into “castles” of confidence.

Lest we forget

October 22, 2014

Let this not to be a time to be discouraged but a period where we stand together as Canadians. I realized the signature on the back of my Parliamentary pass was signed by Kevin Vickers, Sergeant-At-Arms, he's the hero who shot down the first gunman this morning with the help of the Parliamentary securities. A selfless and courageous act, and thank you for protecting those on the hill. I would also like to thank our police force in Gatineau + Ottawa, RCMP for keeping MPs and us citizens safe. Stay posted for our Prime Minister to address the issue tonight.

I wish the best for those who are injured and to end off, I also give my most sincere condolences to the family of Cpl.Nathan Frank Cirillo. May you rest in peace, and long live your legacy.

Local Facts!

October 15, 2014

Children who experience poverty, especially persistently, are at higher risk of suffering health problems, developmental delays, and behavior disorders. They tend to attain lower levels of education and are more likely to live in poverty as adults. That's why we're here to create and give them the power to change and shape themselves a better future!

Mission I

October 14, 2014



The majority of families in the project can't afford actual food. They tend to rely on preservatives, such as cans of beans. After speaking with families around Hull, an unemployed mother of 2 told me about their needs on ingredients they can't always buy. They count on instant noodles rather than fruits and vegetables. It is hard and I understand. Based on their welfare check, not only do they have to depend on food but also rents. It all starts from the beginning, food is our basic need after water. A healthy diet fuels us better, like premium gas that runs engines more efficiently. 

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